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about us - Ahipara Adventure Centre, 90 Mile Beach Adventure Playground, Ahipara, Northland, New Zealand

about us


The Morrogh whanau have lived in Ahipara since 1966 and are well known in the community for their humorous and outgoing personalities, and, oh how could we forget their great ability to always have fun in the sun and catch big fish!

Richard and Robyn, in their 20’s saved a few hundred dollars, packed their backpacks and surfboards and set off to travel the world for the adventure of a lifetime. They found themselves surfing, hiking, biking and drinking beers on sandy beaches around warm camp fires all over the world!

One day Rich + Robyn up in a tree….you know the rest…and then came along…Liam, Eli and Jake!

Around 2002, one day whilst sharing fond memories of their overseas adventures with their children made them realise they would love to give every visitor the same opportunity to experience Ahipara and create their own life long memories to share with their families in years to come. This was when Ahipara Adventure Centre an adventure-oriented hire equipment centre, suitable for all ages, interests and levels of adventurous spirit starting at the gateway onto 90 Mile beach was born.


Over the many years they have slowly built up the business, whilst enjoying raising their children amongst other interests as well and continued to improve the service they provide as a real friendly family orientated business. You can roll up to hire quads, blokarts, sandboards amongst other things and book a place to stay all at the same time, AND you can even book a trip to the North Cape and be picked up right from your door!


The Morrogh whanau are a very close whanau and the wider community. You will probably find one of their sons often taking care of business for them. They know the locals and have a wealth of knowledge about the very Far North since living there most all of their lives.

They still love the Far North and are blessed with having their sons around them all the time along with their first grandson Kiwa, who looks like he might follow in the families footsteps...they truly are your one stop shop for fun!