nitty gritty (t&cs)

AAC Terms & Conditions

It’s all fun and games until someone breaks something or hurts themselves! While we like to poke fun and have a good time, there is a serious side that needs to be addressed. This protects you and us, and makes sure everybody is reading from the same game sheet. Have a good read of the following terms and conditions before you tick the box or sign on the dotted line without thinking, and without knowing what you are getting yourself in for. Thank you.

Hire Terms & Cancellation Policy
  • A deposit/bond of $50.00 is required before we release any property for hire to you.
  • A credit card number is required to secure your booking (we will contact you for this)
  • Your deposit/bond will be charged to your credit card 10 days prior to your booking commencing and the balance is due on return of our equipment if not before the commencement of your booking.
  • You will receive no refund for cancellation within 7 days of your booking commencing.
  • Cancellation after commencement of booking: You will receive no refund once your booking has commenced.
  • Bike Hire - A one day period is from 8.30am - 5.30pm. Bike can be picked up from 8.30am onwards and must be returned by 5.30pm.
  • Cancellation due to bereavement or health reasons will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    1. I agree that I am solely and absolutely responsible for the care and safe keeping of all equipment hired from Ahipara Adventure Centre (“the Equipment”) for the duration of this agreement.

    2. If the Equipment is lost or damaged, (including without limitation; loss or damage arising from fire, accident, theft, collision, misuse and normal maintenance as you would carry out on your own bike).

    3. I agree to compensate Ahipara Adventure Centre Ltd for the full cost of repairing such damage or replacing the Equipment, regardless of the cause of such loss or damage, including the costs of enforcing this release.

    4. Ahipara Adventure Centre Hire Bikes can only be transported on a Ahipara Adventure Centre Bike Trailer. Ahipara Adventure Centre Hire Bikes are NOT to be transported on a private trailer or truck deck.

    5. I accept ATV motorbikes and associated activities have inherent risks, and can be dangerous.

    6. I understand that these risks include (but not limited to): illness, navigational difficulties, rough riding conditions, poor weather, and collisions, all of which may occur in isolated areas.

    7. I agree and accept all risks, and will not hold Ahipara Adventure Centre or any of their employees or agents responsible or make any claim against them (including claims arising from negligence) for any direct or indirect injury or damage to myself or my property in the course of my use of the Equipment or my association with Ahipara Adventure Centre Rail Trail Ltd or their employees or agents.

    8. I agree that any claim in respect of any damage and /or injury to other persons and/or property arising from my use of the Equipment is my/our responsibility and not the responsibility of Ahipara Adventure Centre their employees or agents and here by indemnify Ahipara Adventure Centre against any loss, damage or claims whatsoever arising against them as a result of my use of the Equipment.

    9.I understand that Ahipara Adventure Centre has the right to resell my booking if I have not paid in full by the due date and that Ahipara Adventure Centre has the right to refuse or continue any hire at anytime.

    10. Ahipara Adventure Centre regrets that no refund can be given under any circumstances once the hire period has commenced.

    11. However, where possible alternative arrangement will be negotiated and if there’s a problem, we’ll go out of our way to fix it.

    12. I understand that New Zealand law requires the use of helmets and I agree to wear a helmet at all times I am using the ATV.

    13. I agree to use the equipment in a lawful, safe and proper manner at all times and understand that my behaviour whilst undertaking the use of the hired equipment affects the risks that I may be exposed to. I agree that Ahipara Adventure Centre has no control over these risks.

    14. I accept that Ahipara Adventure Centre is not responsible for damage, expense, inconvenience or injury related to schedule changes or events outside its control.

    15. I am physically fit and there is no medical or other reason why I should not participate in the activity of my choice. In the event that I require medical treatment I agree that it is my responsibility to seek and obtain any necessary medical treatment, at my own expense and that Ahipara Adventure Centre is in no way responsible for seeking, obtaining or meeting the cost of any medical treatment whatsoever.

    16. I am 18 years of age or older. I agree that the New Zealand laws apply: that this contract is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of New Zealand courts; and that this release is binding on my family, heirs and legal assigns and on my administrators and/or executors. I have read and understand these terms and conditions before signing. I agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.


    17. The hirer accepts that the vehicle/s are hired at the hirers risk in respect of damage to the vehicle and that they will be liable to the owner for any consequential loss.

    18. The hirer accepts that he or she has no insurance cover under this agreement in respect of any damage, injury, or loss caused to any person or property.


    19. The person/s named as hirer agrees to hire the vehicle/s listed below from the AHIPARA ADVENTURE CENTRE on the date and for the time stated. The vehicle/s may only be driven by the person/s named and only if they hold a current drivers license. The hirer/s shall pay the AHIPARA ADVENTURE CENTRE the amount specified for the hire.

    20. The hirer/s declare they have read, understand and will abide by our rules and conditions.

    21. The vehicle will have a full tank at the start of the hire. If further is required it shall be supplied by the hirer. The hirer/s shall see all reasonable care is taken in driving and parking the vehicle. Remove the key whilst not in use. The hirer/s shall at or before the expiry of the term of hire deliver the vehicle/s back to the AHIPARA ADVENTURE CENTRE or obtain the owner’s consent to the continuation of hire.

    22. The owner shall have the right to terminate the hire and take immediate possession of the vehicle if the hirer/s fail to comply with any of the terms of this agreement or if the vehicle is damaged.

    23. The owner has the right and may charge an additional fee of $50.00 per half hour period or part thereof per vehicle if they are returned late.

    24. The owner may charge a fee of $300.00 per day plus other costs incurred when the vehicle cannot be used due to damage caused by accident, to a maximum of $1000.

    25. We the participants understand that as with any other adventure tourism activity there is an inherent and underlying risk involved. We acknowledge that hazards both natural and manmade may exist. We, the participant, assume such risks and agree to indemnify and not hold liable Ahipara Adventure Centre, any of its employees or any person acting on its behalf for any risk associated with this activity.

    DISCLAIMER: In making this booking for any supplier AHIPARA ADVENTURE is excluded from all liability in relation to providing this service. Your booking is accepted on the basis that you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept our terms and conditions. Terms, prices and conditions are all subject to change without notice, prior to booking.